Need-based products are the backbone of research and development for us. Thanks to our 20 years of knowledge in railway engineering, tailor-made solutions for each customer are provided by our in-house design department. YAPIRAY response to customer needs with innovative solutions including but not limited to European Norms, UIC and AREMA standards.


Health and Safety

YAPIRAY carries on being a forerunner in railway systems by providing quality solutions that combines its policies with experience. YAPIRAY plans and carries out all of its activities primarily by focusing on "Occupational Health and Safety".

YAPIRAY aims to make its Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems sustainable with the active participation of all its employees and suppliers. We undertake to fulfil the legal and related legislative requirements to meet the obligations arising from the agreements and to provide the internal and external stakeholders with the requirements arising from their institutional responsibilities.


Think Green

As YAPIRAY we care about people. We connect them with their beloved ones but also we feel a responsibility to leave a better planet to future generations in shape than we found. From the design phase to the execution on site, we focus on reduction of our own carbon footprint by searching the optimum solutions.


YAPIRAY is established by Yapı Merkezi


First Tamping Work, Bursaray
40.300 m

İzmir Metro
23.200 m


Kadıköy - Moda Nostalgic Tramway
2.938 m


First Track Laying Project on Galata Opening Bridge, Eminönü - Kabataş Project
1.187 m


First Special Design Work, Marmaray BC1

Eskişehir Tramway Project
32.550 m

UITP World Light System Award with Eskişehir Tramway


Zeytinburnu - Bağcılar Tramway Line
11.500 m

Track Construction of Taksim - Kabataş Funicular Line
1.280 m


Ankara Metro Track Works
31.000 m

First Track Panel Prefabrication Project for Ankara - Istanbul
234.000 m

Kemalpaşa - Turgutlu Track and Turnout Works


Sultançiftliği - Edirnekapı Tramway
30.600 m


Konya Tramway
4.600 m

Kayseri Light Rail Project
35.630 m

UITP World Light System Award with Kayseray


Rayton Concrete Sleeper Production to the Papua Indonesia Island for the Grasberg Railway Project

Eskişehir - İnönü High Speed Train Project
11.200 m

First Railway Sleeper Production


Casablanca Tramway
40.000 m

Caroubier Storage Area
10.000 m

Bursaray Light Metro System
17.000 m


The Track Installation Project of Marmaray and LVT Block Production
28.325 m

First Turn - Key High Speed Track Laying and Sleeper Delivery for Ankara - Konya High Speed Train Project
776.000 pcs

Bir Touta - Sidi Abdallah - Zeralda Railway Line
46.000 m


Gökçedağ - Nusrat Railway Rehabilitation Project
110.000 m


Hasanbey Logistics Center Construction
13.000 m

Construction of Second Line Between Tekirdağ Port and Muratlı
31.000 m

Unique Manufacturer of Slab Track in Turkey for Çatalca Tunnel - Istanbul
425 m

For Sidi Bel Abbes - Sétif Tramway, Technical Support and TW - 120 Types Blocks Production for Ballastless Track
41.000 m


Official Subcontractor of Awash-Weldia Railway Project Trackworks Construction
420.000 m

the greatest work has been received by a Turkish contracting company alone until that, 450 km

Marmaray BC1 Bosphorus Project
28.325 m


Renewal of Bozkurt - Dinar in Konya
75.000 m

Internationally Qualification of Afyon Laboratory


Rehabilition and Signalization of Irmak - Karabük Zonguldak Project
425.000 m

Antalya Tramway Line
23.843 m

Konya  Adliye Tramway
18.000 m


Mechanized Maintenance Works with Ballast Cleaning  for  Between Track Section Ulukışla and Çiftehan
30.000 m


Yerköy - Sivas High Speed Line Superstructure and Electromechanic Works
517.000 m

Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Line Between Dar es Salaam - Morogoro
301.000 m

Morogoro - Makatupora Track Installation
418.837 m


TER Dakar - AIBD M1 Trackwork Design and Constrution Planning Works
87.000 m

2.000 m

Track Renewal Work on Irmak - Tüney and Çankırı - Kurşunlu Line
364.000 m



YAPIRAY's main objective is to fulfil railway constructions in the most efficient and accurate way with its huge experience in managing various projects under tough and challenging conditions simultaneously. Yet, this is not enough. That's why, we look forward to scaling up our targets continuously.



Track rehabilitation is essential to achieve the sustainability of railway line operations. In consequently, YAPIRAY is ready to renew the railway lines across the globe. To the present, rehabilitation of 500 km railway lines has been a magnificent experience and success for YAPIRAY.



YAPIRAY provides prefabricated concrete products with high-level of quality and long service life. RAYTON® and RAYKAS® sleeper plants are at the customers' services constantly for production of railway elements for main lines and turnouts. Moreover, YAPIRAY provides mobility of the plants nearby big-scale execution works based on special needs of the projects. Besides, settled plants are aiming to satisfy customers' needs all the time. YAPIRAY assures robustness of all products in accordance with EN 13230 series / AREMA based on the request of the employer.

Numbers Tell The Real Story

High Invesment Budget for R&D

750 Employees

Sleeper Production 1.000.000 pcs/year Slab Track Production 20.000 pcs/year

300 km/h in High Speed Lines

Supersonic Sled Test Track 1,5 Mach (1850 km/h)


Finished: 1.24 Million Meters On-going: 1.4 Million Meters

8 Countries 3 Continents

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